Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bags, Not the Reusable Kind

I was looking at a recent photo of myself and for the first time I noticed that I have some serious bags under my eyes. When I shared this with a friend of mine, she suggested concealer. That got me wondering what natural, chemical-free concealer options are available.

There is a great online database run by the Environmental Working Group called Skin Deep. It's a free resource for people who want to find environmentally friendly and chemical-free cosmetics and products. They rank each product from 1 (least toxic) - 10 (most toxic). There is also an explanation that goes along with each ingredient in the product. You may be surprised to see what is in some of your favorite cosmetics, hair products and perfumes that you use everyday. If your product isn't in the database, you can setup a free account and get a free report.

When I searched for concealer over 400 results came up. I filtered through the first few pages before I decided on Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Under-Eye Concealer which rated 2 out of 10. There were several other options that had lower ratings and obviously many that were higher, but I went with Jane because I own many of her other products and like them a lot.

What about you? Do you have any natural/chemical-free products that you love and recommend?

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